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35 Years of Divine Love


Sojourns of Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba

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   International Guru Poornima celebrations, July 2017                  SAI Youth Day celebrations, July 2017

Message From Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba

"Make me your destiny and you don't have to come to me; I will come to you. I WILL BE YOUR DESTINY" - golden words of Swami

Log yash, kirti aur safalta ka laksh pane ke liye Bhagawan ko seedi banate hain arre Bhagawan ko hee apne laksh banaav yash, kirti aur safalta apne aap hee mil jaaegi - a simple formula for success in life.


Guru Poornima 2018: Shri Sanjay Sai Seva Organisations

Swami's Guru Poornima 2018 Discourse to Sai Youth

Swami's Guru Poornima 28th July 2018 Discourse

Swami's Guru Poornima 27th July 2018 Discourse

Swami's ONLY FREE BALKOT SAI SCHOOL in Kathmandu, Nepal

30th VIJAY UTSAV Birthday Celebrations Jan 20 , 2018


SWAMIs Divya Vaani at Meeting Of Professionals, Mumbai October'2017

SWAMIs Divya Vaani at Sai Int'l Award Nite, Mumbai April'2017


Life Of Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba

The great mystical force that holds the universe together and sustains it efficiently has bestowed upon mankind the precious gift of life. This gift when unwrapped on a daily basis throws up surprises of joys and sorrows, ups and downs, occasionally sad moments and often even frolicking ones.

These moment to moment surprising and uncertain gifts become a joy to experience and living becomes effortless if one is blessed with a true friend or companion. For us, Sanjay Sai Baba is this friend, companion and an omnipotent channel that is constantly showering His grace upon each one of us.

All of 28 years ( as in January 2016 ), yet brimming with the divinity of the ancient knowledge of countless ages, Baba has shown the way to Dharma, be it through loving words, selfless acts or Godly thoughts. He has dedicated Himself to spiritual elevation of humanity by helping mankind to see God in each other.

The essence of His teachings revolve around Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-Violence and bringing these values to the fore; values which man seems to have forgotten.

His divinity could not go un-noticed as his knowledge, miracles and immense love have drawn crowds from a very tender young age. Fondly referred to as Nepali Sai Baba, his devotees are only growing in numbers.

The story of Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba's advent in this world:

This is the extraordinary story of the most divine Lord who descended on this earth to show mankind the path to ascend and reach God. To quote His own words, "I have taken birth to show you the purpose of your birth."

In the Gorakhnath lineage in Kushalvansh was born Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba as prophesised years ago. To Shri Santosh Kumar and the  pious Maiyya Devi who was absolutely devoted to Lord Vishnu was born  Baba. Once a Satya Narayana vratakathawas conducted. The first morsel of the sanctified Prasad was offered to mata Maiyya Devi. On partaking of the Prasad, mata  Maiyya Devi started having divine experiences. That very night Lord Satya Narayana Himself appeared in her dream and granted her boons in that vision that He would soon come to dwell in her sacred womb. The Lord then did 'pravesha' in the mother's womb. Thus we know that the lord was born from His own free will with pravesha (enter at will) and not prasava (conception).

After this significant dream wondrous events started occurring in the house. Suddenly from nowhere the house would be filled with an aroma serene essence.The fragrance was heavenly. At night the lamp in the family altar would light up on its own. Musical instruments would start to play on their own accord. Sometimes the sounds of sacred mantras and holy chants filled the air. Grandparents and parents all started getting darshans and visions of lord Shiva or lord Narayana. Many such divine events preceded the birth of the lord.

 On the most auspicious day of AD 1989, January 19th, in the divine  muhurat was born on this earth our most beloved Baba. The aura of the infant was undeniably divine. Often mother would find the child's hands filled with vibhuti: sacred ash. Much later many were subjected to many divine miracles which led them to believe in the inherent divinity of Baba.

What can one say about all of the limitless wondrous stories that abound around the divine lord? To describe them is impossible; to speak of them is like trying to hold the sunshine in your palm. Words may fail and finish but the glorious saga of the lord will continue for eons and ages. Thus at a young age Baba showed His divinity to all.

Nepal, about the Ashram

Aimed at spreading His compassionate message across the globe, Swami started His mission at the tender age of 14 years only.

In a short time, He founded the Shri Sanjay Sai Seva Organisation in Nepal. Among the numerous activities being undertaken under Swami's leadership is free school education through the Shri Sanjay Sai Vidya Mandir. Here, children are infused with values, and not merely bookish education as the end of education is character. Besides this the children are also taught vedic chanting as part of the vedoddhaara sankalpa of God. The school will be upgraded into a free university in the near future.

Water is life, it is said. The Shri Sanjay Sai Seva Organisation does the precious act of supplying free potable, drinking water in arid areas through water tanks installed by the organisation.

Free medical check-up camps and blood donation camps too are a regular feature at the Ashram and the critical help of free ambulance services to patients have also been provided. Free medical dispensary is availed by all. A super speciality hospital is one of the master plans in the near future.

Massive earthquake relief was offered to thousands in the devastating catastrophe that Nepal suffered in 2015.

Love all and serve all, He says and Baba leads by example as He has adopted many villages on the outskirts of Kathmandu, with the programme aimed at reducing malnutrition, poverty, upliftment of physical health through medical facilities and providing spiritual livelihood through value education. Baba's vision is to see the Ashram as a socio-educational, spiritual, cultural culmination.

SAI Vrindavan Ashram

The Shri Sanjay Sai Seva Organisation, Brindavan Ashram is situated in Narephat, near Balkumari Bridge, Suryakot Dwaar, Koteshwar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Every Mondays, Thursdays and Saturday there are darshans, bhajans and other activites in the Ashram. Besides this festival celebrations are also conducted on a grand scale every year. Baba often gives Divine Discourses that are nectarine and deeply meaningful.

The Ashram houses a Bhajan hall, Interview rooms, residential facilities, medical clinic, Gayatri Book Store and a women's wing. A sarva dharma stupa adorns the premises of the Ashram.  Besides this there are statues of many Gods and Goddesses.

Getting there

The Ashram can be reached by:


The International Airport at Kathmandu is about 3 Kms away from the Ashram. It is well connected with the major cities of India and the world. Except Indians all travellers need a visa.


One can also reach there by train from India upto Gorakhpur to Sunauli (Indian border) to Bhairawaha (Nepali Border)  and then by road take a bus. The time taken to reach from the border to the Ashram is around 8 hours. Another gateway is Sitamadhi in Bihar and Kolkata. From Kolkata you need to take a bus to Raxaul and via Birgunj and reach Kathmandu. Another entry is from Janakpur near Sitamadhi in Bihar.


Bus services are available from India to Kathmandu. Estimated about 30 hours from New Delhi to Kathmandu.


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Sai Prema Ganga Project - Chiplun 2018




Sai Prema Ganga Water Project (Latur)

Shri Sanjay Sai  Seva Organisations, (Mumbai Chapter)





Latur Water Project (Water Seva April 2016 - July 2016)

The Shri Sanjay Sai Seva Organisations, Mumbai Chapter performed the philanthropic humanitarian service of providing drinking water to the drought affected villages of district Latur (Maharahtra).

The project sponsors: Dr. Naram Foundation and Dr. K. R. Naram Parivar Trust, Smt.  Santosh  Bachoo of MyHealthskape Medicals Pvt Ltd, Shri Jagdish R Raheja, Shri Korakiwala and other co-sponsors.

The organisation distributed drinking water with the support of NSS youth of Latur and Mumbai. The villagers contributed with:
- Shramadaan by distributing water and removing debris to save labour cost
- Around 400 families contributed Rs 50 to Rs 100 per family as their initial contribution to kick start the project (around Rupees 30,000)


The inaugural distribution commenced on 24th April 2016 and continued up to end of July'2016


13 tankers with a total capacity of 65,000 litres met the requirements of 2 tribal hamlets consisting of over a 1000 families thrice a week, (every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays). The villages served were Hipparsoga and Tanda villages in Latur with around 10,00,000 litres of  drinking water.

The total project cost estimate for Phase I:  Rs 2,30,000/-



Bearing in mind the uncertainty of rainfall every year and intense depletion of the ground water levels, it was decided to have a long term plan that would bring relief to the villages that were adopted during the water distribution project.After consulting experts and specialists in the field of water management, and determining the viability and sustainability of the project, a JCB 20 tonne excavator was hired for the digging of two trenches each measuring 100 metres long 2.5 metres deep and 20 metres broad – split across two project phases. Blasting was done wherever the excavator encountered rocky base. The trench has been de-silted, deepened and widened to increment the underground water table facilitated by percolation of ground water across a wider area.

First Trench: 9080 Cubic Meters with a total storage capacity: 9 million litres

Second Trench: 6060 Cubic Meters with a total storage capacity: 6 million litres


First Trench Project Costs Estimates [Part 1 of Phase II]:

PHASE I – 100MX20MX2.5M

Sr NoScope of WorkAmount
1Desilting the reservoir [100MX20MX2.5M]  115,000
2Blasting Expenses   10,000
3Removing Debris: tractor and tippers - avg 9 tippers / tractors @ 1000 per day for 10 days90,000
 Total Cost215,000


Second Trench Project Estimates [Part 2 of Phase II]:

PHASE II – 100MX20MX2.5M

Sr NoScope of WorkAmount
1Desilting the reservoir [100MX20MX2.5M] 102,000
2Blasting Expenses37,500
3Removing Debris: tractor and tippers - avg 9 tippers / tractors @ 1000 per day for 8 days 72,000
 Total Cost241,000

Long Term Benefits for the Village:

  • Bring gainful employment to the villagers,
  • Level roads that are uneven by using the rubble and earth excavated from the canal
  • Offer rich soil to the agricultural sector, thereby increasing soil fertility and subsequently increase in quality and quantity of crop output.
  • Above all, it is hoped that there would be a REVERSE MIGRATION of youth from city back to their village once opportunities are seen available.

Thanks to all sponsors and supporters for your generous support and belief in our mission to help the drought region and making this project a success.

Trust is registered with Charity Commissioner vide Reg No E- 31681(Mumbai)
Trust is registered under Income Tax Act, 1961 vide Registration No 48108-A dated 26.04.2016Donations and Sponsorship to this registered Trust
are exempted u/s. 80-G of the Income Tax, 1961