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1.1 Shri Sanjay  Sai Seva Organisations, International

Inauguration of Shri Sanjay Sai Seva Organisations, International on 23rd August'2014


Divine South Tour with Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba 18th October to 25th October 2016




1.2 Shree Sanjay Sai Sewa Organisations, Nepal

      1.21   Shree Sanjay Sai SewaOrganisations



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   1.22   Shree Sanjay Sai Vidhya Mandir



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1.3    Shri Sanjaysai Lokaseva Central Trust

Shri Sanjaysai Lokaseva Central Trust Meeting in the presence of Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba        



1.4    Shri Sanjaysai International Institute of Vibrionics


Vibrionics Remedies Blessed by BABA                                               BABA going through Vedic Vibrionics



1.5    Shri Sanjaysai Institute of Value Education

Chief Guest and other Mg. Committee Members                                Start with Omkars                                                   Principal of School at the Inaugural
                  of SSSS Organ, Nepal

                   Training Course begins                                    School Mgmt Comm. Chairman and Chief Guest      The Course Director Shri PRATAP THAKKER
 ​                                                                                                           Paneru Sairam lighting the inaugural lamp

              International Veda co-ordinator                       All India Chairman Shri NAGESH addressing               Shri PRATAP THAKKER on: Foundation of
             Shri MAUNISH VYAS addressing                                            the inaugural session                                                                   SAI Educare System
                          the inaugural session


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1.6  Books and Publications Committee


               Divya Path Gaamini, released at Nepal      Sai Tattwa (Nepalese), Released at Buddha Nagar              Sambhavami Pade Pade, Released at  
on 19th July 2016 by                                              Ashram, Kathmandu in 2013  by                                     Chikmagalur on 13th May 2014 by
                Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba                              Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba                                     Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba

                  Sai Tattwa (Kannada), Released at                          Garbha Samskar Edition 1, Released at                    Shri Sanjay Sai Vachanaamruta Released at
     Public Meeting Mumbai on 24th August 2014         Public Meeting Mumbai on 24th August 2014                              Mumbai on 5th December 2014

             by Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba                               by Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba                                 by Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba


                     Sai Tattwa (Gujarati), Released at                                Garbha Samskar Edition 2, Released at                   Sai Guru Upadesh Released at SAI Vrindavan
                         Mumbai on 6th December 2014                                           Mumbai on 6th December 2014                                 Ashram, Kathmandu on 30th July 2015
                    by Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba                                  by Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba                                    by Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba


E-Books in Tamil and Marathi in Publication....       

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2. Chapters

2.1 Nepal




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2.2 India


2.21  Chikmagalur

Bhagawan Baba Pose at Chikmagalur                              Roop Anek, Bhagawan Ek                                                          Divine Discourse at Chikmagular
                          1st Feb 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                  Feb' 2013

Sai Angels School Jan'2013                                           Sai Angels School Cultural Program Jan'2013        Public Meeting at Jayapura Dec'2014

Public Meeting at Jayapura Dec'2014                                  Chikmagalar Public Meeting Dec'2014                          Special Darshan at Shimago, Dec 2014

Divine Discourse Chikmagular Feb'2015         Special Darshan at Chikmagular Feb'2015          At Chikmagular Feb'2015

At Jayapura                                                                       At Jayapura                                                                       Divine Discourse at Jayapura Feb'2015

Divine Discourse Jayapura School Feb'2015       At Jayapura Feb'2015


SWAMI's Chikmagalur visit May 2016















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2.22  Bangalore




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Sai Prema Ganga - Project Chiplun


2.23  Mumbai

       Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba's 3rd Divine Visit to Mumbai                             Bhagawan Shri Sanjay Sai Baba's 3rd Divine Visit to Mumbai
on 24th August 2014, Cultural Programme by Mahila Vibhaag                            24th August 2014, Public Meeting of the Mumbai, Borivali
Chapter titled: MANN EK BAAR HARI BOL                                                  


Inauguration of Gram Seva Project at Belkadi, Kaman, MUMBAI on                Speech by Shri PRATAP THAKKER , International Chairman at Public  
10th December, 2014 by Bhagawan Shri  SANJAY SAI BABA during                   
Meeting at Navjivan on 7th December, 2015  during Bhagawan's      
4th Divine Visit to Mumbai                                                                                                   
6th Divine Visit to Mumbai

Divine Discourse by BHAGAWAN SHRI SANJAY SAI BABA at Public                                           
Sai Int'l Award Nite 2017 Part 1
Meeting at Navjivan Society on 7th December, 2015 organised during
Bhagawan's 6th Divine Visit to Mumbai in December 2015

                    Sai Int'l Award Nite 2017 Part 2                                                     Sai Int'l Award Nite 2017 concluding Part 3 of 3 Divine Discourse


                      Meeting Of Professionals - Inaugural Session                                             Meeting Of Professionals - Panel Discussions


Sai Prema Ganga Water Project at Latur: April 2016 - July 2016















Other Activities in Mumbai Chapter

Receiving Bhagawan at SAI Abode                                          Bhagawan with Dr.J.T Vyas and Mrs.Vyas       Audience at the Elite Meeting
Bhagawan with Shri.Rajinder                                                          Dr. J. T. Vyas addressing the Elite                                                     Bhagawan with Mr. Amin

Swami Addressing Active workers at                         Public Meeting at Thakur College Mumbai 12.12.15               Shri. Pratap Thakker addressing audience at
SAI Abode on 13.12.15                                                                                                                                                                               
Thakur College Mumbai 12.12.15

Music Program By Thakur College Students               Public Meeting at Thakur College Mumbai 12.12.15          Shri Sanjay Sai Lok Seva Central Trust                  
                                                                                                                                                Meeting in Divine Presence at SAI Abode 13.12.15

                                     Bhagawan Baba Inaugurates International Center - Shri Sanjay Sai Seva Organizations Head Quarters, Mumbai

Agenda of the Meeting shown to Bhagawan               Bhagawan at a Discourse in Mumbai                             Lighting of Lamp by Bhagawan
by Mumbai Chapter Chairman

Garbha Samskara Book released by Bhagawan                  MAN EK PAR BOL Drama                                                   Master of Ceremonies Meer Thakker

Release of Sai Tatwa Book by Bhagwan                            Shri Ambir Bhai,National Chairman of                    Shri Gopal Shetty Member of Parliament and
                                                                                                         Shri Sanjay Sai Seva Organisations , Nepal                      Shri Mohan Mitbowkar Dy Mayor of
                                                                                                                       Addressing the Gathering                                  Bombay  Municipal Corporation

Shri Gopal Shetty Member of Parliament                      Shri.Mitbowkar , Ex Mayor with Bhagawan         Shri.Pratap Thakker  International Chairman of
addressing the gathering on 24.8.14                                                                                                                      Shri Sanjay Sai Seva Organistions addressing Audience

Token of Love  given to Shri. Mohan Mitbowkar                     Welcoming Bhagawan by devotees                               Wheel Chair  distributed to the  Needy
Ex Mayor of Mumbai

Bhagawan Releases SAI TATWA in Kannada         Bhajan session  at the Public meeting  by devotees     Divine Discourse by Bhagawan on 24.08.15







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2.24  Ahmedabad

Bhagawan's Divine Visit in March'2015

Bhagawan SHRI SANJAY SAI BABA'S Divine Discourse  at  a  Public
Meeting during His 2nd Divine Visit to the city of Ahmedabad March 2015


         At Diving Visit to Ahmedabad of Bhagawan                   Ahmedabad in March                                                           Grand Welcome During the Divine Visit at
SHRI Sanjay Sai Baba March 2015  2015                                                                                      Ahmedabad in March 2015

Swami at Sundar Kaand programme March 2015             Satsang at Ahmedabad March 2015                         Satsang at Sundar Kaand programme,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Ahmedabad March 2015

 Divine Discourse at Ahmedabad March 2015                             Public Meeting at Ahmedabad March 2015


Blood Donation Camps






Diwali Celebration Gifts to Slum Kids



Hospital Seva      




Narayan Seva at Leprosy Colony and Various Places







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3. Groups

Interview of CA Pratap Thakker - Sept 2018' Oman

3.1 Oman group of devotees






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3.2 Chennai group of devotees




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